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Why you need to offer Online Food Delivery.

Online Food Delivery has completely shifted the landscape in the food and beverage industry. Due to the advancement of technology and the widespread availability of smartphones. The gap between the restaurants and food lovers has decreased. Hence, Online Food delivery has brought the restaurants closer.

Many of us have our doubts about Online food delivery, such as, “the food will get cold”. Or, “it will lose the structure” or the plain old ” My restaurant doesn’t need Online Food Delivery, I already have loads of customers”. Well, I will put to rest these silly arguments for once and for all.

Food delivery and takeout together are responsible for a whopping $70 billion in sales each year. And research has shown that only Food Delivery will account for more than $75 billion by the year 2020. Also, third-party food delivery apps account for 40% of total online sales. The impact of food delivery will naturally increase as more and more people get connected.

You will need to choose between In-house food delivery system or to partner with the online food delivery apps. The advantages and disadvantages of both will be covered in the next blog. But, for both, you will need a POS system that is up to the task.

Here are 4 reasons to offer online food delivery at your restaurant.

1. Improves Customer Experience.

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You might be wondering if there are minimal customer interaction and engagement, then how can it improve customer experience? Well, online food delivery gives your customers convenience over everything. They can order their food without leaving their home. Now, who can control mother nature, so, let it be pouring outside or freezing. All they need to do is a few taps on their phone and their favourite dish is on its way.

So, by giving an option to your customers, that, according to their convenience they can opt to order the food online or come and enjoy their food at your restaurant. You give an impression to your customer that they are important and you think about their convenience. As a result, you will be improving their experience.

2. The demand for Online Ordering is Increasing

Online Ordering is on a surge, and that is due to millennial’s wanting fast service and they being tech savvy while always being online. Now a major reason for Online food ordering is that the quick service and saves time.

The demand for online food ordering may vary from Fine Dine to QSR. Fine-dine restaurants will have less of online ordering as people prefer to come and enjoy the food at the restaurant itself. For QSR (quick service restaurant) and cafes, the story is different. As the name suggests QSR is for people who are in a hurry and want a quick bite. Online ordering aids in this as it gets the meal to the customer without the customer having to go into the cafe or restaurant.

3. Up-selling is increased.

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Your customers may feel rushed when standing in the queue or may be forced to decide their order in a hurry during rush hour. When your customers are at home and viewing your menu, they can take their sweet time to decide what they want. Without being rushed they might even order complimentary dishes that go with the meal that they ordered.

For instance, if a customer orders a burger they can order fries which goes well with the burger they just ordered. At the time of placing an order, you can suggest dishes that go well with the original order. As a result, you will see a hike in your sales, as your app or website will be working as a silent salesman for you.

4. Collect Crucial Customer Data.

I have covered in my previous blogs about the importance of customer data. Click here to read.

When a customer places an online order you’re collecting crucial data. such as the type of food they prefer, the frequency of their orders, and their contact details. This information can be used to understand each customers behaviour and customize menu and offers for these customers.

For instance, we know Rohan order a cheese pizza for two every Tuesday. Now, this data can be used and offers can be given to Rohan for a Cheese pizza every Saturday. Giving tempting offers will drive up the sales.

These are just a few reasons for you to start Offering Online Food Delivery. For any help with the POS, feel free to give us a call.

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