marketing for restaurant

Marketing tips for your restaurant.

Marketing separates a successful restaurant from an average restaurant. Nowadays, all the cafes and restaurants are serving the same dish and are having a similar style and menu. The only thing that can help you stand apart is a good sense of marketing.

marketing for restaurant

Here are some ways to market yourself differently.

Offer additional free service.

marketing tips

If you run a cafe, or your establishment serves as a hangout place, then consider giving your customers free wifi and charging points. This will have a dual effect. It will keep your customers rooted in your establishment for a longer time, which will help you in upselling. It will also help in retention of the old customers while attracting fresh pairs of feets every now and then

Host special events.

Have special nights where you gather the local talent in your restaurant and help them showcase their work. Have a day every week, where you feature a local musician in your establishment. This will make your restaurant a cultural hub and attract a lot of new customers. Special events will help locals know about the establishment as a place where local talent can be explored.

 Visible sign.

marketing tips

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Well, bigger is better, right? certainly is when it comes to Outside sign. It’s the most basic marketing technique which people tend to forget. Having a street sign, restaurant. The more creative the sign the better.

Food bloggers.

Food bloggers wield an ungodly amount of influence over the end consumer. They can skyrocket a restaurants popularity or sink them into oblivion with their reviews. Consumers tend to put faith in food bloggers because their reviews are for the most part, unbiased and are not driven by ulterior motives.

Social media marketing.

marketing tips

One must be living under a rock to not realize the power of social media. Social media is a great way to show off your culinary skills as you post pictures and videos. In this age of retweets, likes, and shares, social media will help you get noticed and stay connected to your customers. Social media is a double-edged sword where people can appreciate or diss on your restaurant depending on their experience.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the best marketing one can hope for. This can be achieved, by serving lip-smacking, good quality food. Hire well-trained staff and always be courteous to the customers.

Email and Text marketing

This is one of the least used and more effective techniques for driving up sales. Get a POS system which records Email addresses and mobile numbers of your customer. The system will automatically shoot texts and emails to your customers about hot deals and offers.  A loyalty Scheme can also be set up through a POS system.



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