POS Questions you should ask before choosing one for your establishment.

Don’t be shy, when you go out POS shopping. There are tons of different option to choose from. They vary in prices, features, operating system, handheld or stationary, mobile or traditional, and this is just a drop in the bucket. So, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed in this ocean of POS buyers market. Therefore, I have come up with a bunch of questions that will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

POS features and Questions to keep in mind.

1. Can the POS Show you the Products?


Can you easily look up the products? Keep in mind that your POS should be able to show you the whole sales catalogue with a touch of a button. This, in turn, will help you suggest matching products that compliment each other.

Also, the POS should show you discounts on a particular product or on combos. This will help you in up selling by pushing combo offers.

2. Does it support Multiple payment systems?


Let’s not kid our self into┬ábelieving that your establishment can survive by only accepting cash. I hear people saying cash is king, I hear you. But the only thing is, cash wields the same amount of power that the queen of England does.

So, look for a system that accepts Applepay, Google pay, Samsung Pay, Credits and Debit Cards. Also, alternative methods such as coupons and PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, etc. Consequently, this will increase walk-ins in your establishment because you’re increasing the number of payment gateways.

3. Can it handle returns, refunds, and cash backs?

Customers today prefer shopping at places where there are customer friendly policies. One of that policy is returns and refunds. Your POS system should have an option to accept sold products and add it directly into the inventory. It should also show When the product was sold, for how much and when is the last date of return with just a scan.

It should also be able to transfer the refundable amount and make proper changes in the accounts and receipts. This, in turn, will ease the process of manually making changes in the records.

4. Does it have a dedicated option for marketing?POS

Yes, a POS can do marketing on your behalf. E-mail marketing and SMS marketing are excellent tools for targeting existing customers. Rather than making a separate e-mail list and hiring someone to send out emails regularly, just have your POS do it for you.

For instance, you own a pizza parlour. you know from your past sales record that on Tuesday, the percentage of walk-ins are low but takeouts percentage are high. Now you can draft an Email which will provide discounts for walk-ins on Tuesday, and set it on schedule for the POS to shoot out every Monday evening.

So, just set it on a timer and let the Emails fly.

5. Is it capable of doing inventory analysis and management?


While going POS hunting, keep in mind to check whether it’s capable of doing smart inventory management and analysis. Firstly let’s understand what Smart inventory management is.

for instance, every pizza you serve has 100 grams of wheat, 7 grams of salt, 2 grams of sugar, 2 grams of yeast, 25 millilitres of sauce and 35 grams of cheese. As a result, whenever a pizza is served the POS should crosscheck and update the inventory records. If an ingredient hits 20% of the stock the POS should notify the manager or the owner about replenishing the stock.

Inventory analysis is when a POS knows the frequency of your orders and according to that informs you of how much you should order and when.

6. Can it accommodate discounts through promo codes?

You’re surely going to run a contest on social media and on other platforms. Be sure that your POS can give on the spots discounts to customers with promo codes and discount coupons.

Save yourself from the embarrassment of whipping out a calculator and checking if the promo is valid. Relax, and have your POS do it for you instead.

7. Can it support Smart Customer Management?

The more personal relationship you create with a customer, that customer is more likely to visit your establishment again. your POS should have an option to save customers birthdays, anniversary, their taste in a product. As a result, of you remembering these important events of your customer’s life, they will most likely visit your establishment more often.

8. Does it have an inbuilt loyalty program?

It’s not crucial to your business. But having a loyalty program for your patrons will help you in up-selling, and growing your business. You regular customers will feel appreciated and as a result will visit your store more often. Loyalty cards that give discounts on combos and credit points to your customers are best.












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