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Use customer data to increase profit for your restaurant

Customer data- A secret stash of Cash.

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Making new customers is much harder than getting recurring orders from an existing customer. That is only possible when there is a relationship (engagement) with your customers. Instead of drumming up a new business to keep your restaurant afloat every now and then. The smarter strategy will be to get the existing customer to spend more time in your establishment. Also, to make their visit more often as possible.

Since existing customers can skyrocket your sales through the roof. It’s really important to make sure they feel part of the family when they walk into your establishment. When the customer starts engaging with your brand. They feel they’re part of a much bigger community. An engaging customer experience will not only ensure your existing customer’s loyalty. will also act as a magnet to attract new customers.

In order to create an engaging customer experience, you need to have customer data. You might unknowingly be sitting on a gold mine. If you do not analyze the data and turn it into information that you can utilize to increase your profit, It’s as good as burning money.

The first step is to collect customer data. Install a smart integrated POS system which records and stores the entire customer history. An automated POS software will help you analyze the data and give you ways to use the information to boost your sales. The POS should be able to record the customer’s name, number, Email address, Important dates etc.

Here’s how you put to use that customer data.

Automate SMS and Emails.

Once you acquire the email addresses and numbers of your customers, send them regular updates. If you’re introducing a new dish to the menu, be sure to let them know. This will make them feel special as they will be the first to taste your new dish! If there is a contest or a promo that will be launched notify them.

Always keep your customer in the loop, this will make them feel as if they are privy to secret information.

Celebrate those events!

Be a part of your customer’s life, by creating magical moments on those special dates. Send them wishes on their birthdays and anniversary. Have special discounts for them. If they visit your establishment regularly have a small cake or present ready for them.

All of this will help you build a solid relationship with your customers. Also when onlookers see how warmly you treat your patrons they will also try and become your regular customers.

Retain and increase the frequency of your customer.

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Now that you’re familiar with the buying habits and behaviour of your customers, you can shoot out personalized tailored messages to them.

For instance, one particular customer orders pizza, only on Tuesdays. We can customize a message and offer that customer a discount on pizzas on other days of the week. This will increase the frequency of the orders.

Also, the customer will feel they are appreciated as you have offers made especially for them.

In order for retaining dormant customers, just send a sweet reminder message with their name. While also, offering them a discount on their favourite dish, by checking their ordering history.


By analyzing the sales history, you will get to know which dishes are your best sellers. Now, to sell the other dishes, just pair them up with your best sellers or offer some discount. By analyzing the past order history, you can even suggest complimentary dishes that go hand in hand with their choice.
For Instance, having combo offers on burger, soda and fries.

This can be done just by having the customer data and utilizing it properly with the help of a POS.

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